The Elite Stick handling System is the top online stick handling development

program! This results-driven stick handling program has been used by NHL, AHL, OHL

and Elite NCAA players and is now available at your fingertips.

This program is an ongoing monthly subscription. As long as you want to improve, we will provide progressive monthly programs! If you wish to cancel, do so at any time by visiting
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What is The Elite Stick Handling System?


Comprehensive and Progressive Online Program

Now you can have USS coaches as YOUR stick handling trainer anywhere in the world!

  • – Access your program online through and through the iPhone/Android app.
  • – Hundreds of drills, strategically progressed each month to ensure that you drastically improve your skill month after month.

– Video demonstrations with slow motion/written descriptions.

  • – Training/skill sessions with detailed sets & reps.

-“Featured Tutorials” to LEARN various aspects of stick handling (Weight transfer, hand position, and move tutorials, etc.)


  • – Group coaching through our discussion board.
  • – Interact with the USS coaching staff through the discussion board.
  • – Ask our coaches questions and interact with other members of The Stick Handling System.






 Results: What Can I Expect?

The Elite Stick Handling System is designed to drastically improve ALL areas of a players stick handling abilities. We take a multi-dimensional approach to training, which ensures our players will take their skills to the next level.

-The Elite Stick Handling System members can expect to significantly improve their ability to improve puck control and game performance.

-Learn intricate details such as weight transfer, unilateral balance and strength, speed, and touch training.

Every coach loves a player who can get control of the puck and make plays when it counts.

Improve your stick handling ability through our multi-dimensional approach to training. There are various aspects of stick handling that we have developed specialized drills to improve. The main areas that we will focus on include: Quick hands, touch and control, balance and stabilization, and reactive training which combines all areas.




Decrease your turnovers to increase your playing time!

*All purchases made to Ultimate Sport Systems are final and there are no refunds*