Hands Away – Master Stickhandling

By Andrew Martin

Hands Away – Master Stickhandling

Creating space between your hands and your body will help you move better.  Be a player that creates a habit of being in the ready position with your hands away from your body.  Improving your hand position will help you take your stickhandling to the next level.

Not Ready

A lazy ready position for a pass looks like this —->The end of your blade points at the passer.  The top hand rests on the hip.  As the pass is being made the player must move the hands away from the body.  This is also true when stickhandling.  Why not create a good habit of always being in an athletic ready position with your hands off your body?



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Top Hand Off The Body

Having your hands off your body allows you to react to different situations.  You are also able to:

Pull the puck into your body when making a move.

Reach the puck on either side of the body to pull a defender out of position

Increase strength and endurance in your wrists and hands

Allow your top hand to do the work while your lower hand acts as a guide.  The top hand rotates your stick, closing and opening the blade.  The bottom hand slides up and down the shaft of the stick depending on how close or far away the puck is to the body.

Check out the video below.  This drill is designed to improve stickhandling ability on forehand side while practicing the slide of the bottom hand while getting the top hand away from the body.